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What about siding or putting on a peaked roof facade? First, I washed the paneling with TSP to get any oil or furniture spray that had been used to preserve the paneling then I coated it with primer before painting.

In my living room I used spackle to go between the paneling.

Yes, you could add a constructor to your class that takes the Main UI form as a parameter.

That is the quick way to do it, but it introduces a "backward" dependency from your class to the Main UI where, in theory, no dependency is required.

Anyway after you have filled the cracks you then sand a little to get the shine off the paneling and then coat with Kilz or any other good primer. By filling in the cracks and smoothing this way you can even add wallpaper borders to the walls.

Molding is cheap and can be used also to give the room a different feel.

We then covered the brown paneled walls and closet doors with inexpensive paintable textured wallpaper.

I know from experience that this is a lot of work but painter's caulk is inexpensive and so is sand paper and paint.

It is also a lot less expensive then replacing the paneling.

You can always recover dining room chairs with fabric from the fabric store and put on heavy plastic over it to keep them looking great very inexpensively.

Right now, I am doing some landscape in my backyard with ferns from the woods and other greenery that is perennial.

I just let it dry and sanded if areas were not smooth and I bought a heavy wallpaper (Sherwin Williams) that was discounted and wallpapered my whole living room. I hate dark paneling because I want as much of the sunlight and light as possible. I think I used about 5 to 6 gallons on a 14 x 70 trailer. I used one that was supposed to cover with one coat.